H4L Red weighted exercise & dance
  • H4L Red weighted exercise & dance

H4L Red weighted exercise & dance Hula Hoop


Plain Red weighted exercise & dance Hoop available in

44" diameter - 800g;

40" diameter - 625g;

38" diameter - 625g;

36" diameter - 600g;

30" diameter - 550g.


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Our plain colour weighted exercise & dance hula hoops come in a variety of sizes and colours. Available sizes and weights are 30" (550g), 36" (600g), 38" (625g), 40" (625g) & 44" [FOLDABLE only] (800g) (sizes are outer diameter sizes, i.e. it is measured including the pipe; weights are +/- 25g). If you'd like to find out which size hula hoop is right for you visit our hoop size section of the site.

All our weighted exercise & dance hula hoops are made of durable 25mm outer diameter tubing covered with hard wearing gaffer tape. The gaffer tape ensures a better grip on the hoop which is so important when performing Hoop Dance and Hula Aerobics routines.

All of the weighted taped hoops are handmade in the UK. As a result sizes and weights might vary slightly from hoop to hoop.

All sizes and weights are approximate.

NOTE: size 44" dia hoops come only as FOLDABLE !

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